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Recent books by members of the Department of Bioethics

Global Justice and Bioethics
Joseph Millum and Ezekiel J. Emanuel, Recent Publications (Oxford, 2012).

The Placebo: A Reader
Franklin Miller, Luana Colloca, Robert A. Crouch, and Ted J. Kaptchuk, Recent Publications (John Hopkins, 2013)

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Ethics Consultation in the NIH Clinical Center

The department offers Bioethics Consultation Service, the goal of which is to provide analysis and facilitate discussion about a range of ethical issues that can arise in caring for patient subjects or during the course of research conducted at the Clinical Center. Related to their Ethics Consultation work, the department recently published: Research Ethics Consultation: A Casebook by Marion Danis, Emily Largent, Christine Grady, David Wendler, Sara Chandros Hull, Seema Shah, Joseph Millum, and Benjamin Berkman, Recent Publications (Oxford, 2012).

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Check out recent VideoCasts of Bioethics lectures at the NIH